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Our NFT Marketplace Development - A Promising Revenue Stream

NFT marketplace development is a million-dollar revenue system where the early adopters of NFT started their revenue stream by unlocking the potential of NFT in a variety of industries. NFT’s unique features and specialization offer a variety of services in the NFT market paving the way for huge investment opportunities for better outcomes. NFT tokens are unique tokens generated over the collectibles or signature products like art, music, and games assets. NFT marketplace platform development helps you to tokenize your collectibles.

This marketplace acts as a huge revenue system for artists, musicians, and other unique creators. Its significance in art and games innovates multiple services with the integration of AR/VR. Land Infrastructure digitization in NFT introduces the industry of real estate and architecture in virtual environments. NFTs’ significance in the marketplace allows it to innovate multiple services which are under research. When few early adopters like OpenSea and Rarible started their marketplace to develop NFT, it raised curiosity among the collectors who strive for unique products.

This huge marketplace is limited with just 27 unique digital art marketplaces on Ethereum, with SuperRare, MakersPlace, Async Art, and Known Origin facilitating between $1-$8 million in sales which is too low for its huge service opportunity. Blockchain App Factory’s experts find it as the perfect time to harvest your revenue stream from the new crypto fortune and decided to offer a reliable NFT marketplace development platform for early adopters of NFT to build their multi-million revenue system.

Why are NFT Marketplaces Required?

We need NFT marketplaces as they help in trading (buy/sell) NFTs. Here, anyone can sell their NFTs easily as listing NFTs involves only a few steps. Also, NFT marketplaces can support NFTs from multiple blockchains, giving buyers access to more blockchains.

They can also serve as earning platforms for NFT creators including artists and musicians. These platforms can also help digital art collectors to easily find original NFT artworks. NFT marketplaces also help in directly connecting creators with their fans to forge valuable relationships. Additionally, they help in ensuring liquidity in the NFT world as they serve as trading platforms.

How can Building an NFT Marketplace be a Masterstroke for Your Business?

NFTs have evolved from being simple registries on blockchains as they are of various types based on use cases. The NFT boom has definitely shown the world the endless possibilities that these virtual tokens hold, which will be tapped in the years to come. Our experts offer excellent services on NFT marketplace development using various solutions on multiple blockchains. We can build your platforms from the ground up or using pre-made solutions, both of which will have all your business needs fulfilled without compromises at affordable costs.


The market size of NFTs is expected to reach more than US$ 232 billion by 2031!

Blockchain App Factory has experience in working with various applications based on blockchain technology, making us provide NFT marketplace platforms that fulfill client needs and satisfy basic blockchain requirements.

Brand NFT Marketplace

NFTs have been utilized well by big brands as a marketing weapon through various methods, such as product promotions, services, and advertising campaigns. Going with the trend has been one of the most-followed agendas of brands to stay relevant and lively to their customers. NFTs serve the purpose clinically by helping get on board new customers and retaining loyal customers through exclusive features. Big names like Nike, Taco Bell, and Adidas have jumped into the virtual world to reach the next-gen users who are extremely digital-savvy.

Brand NFT marketplaces in metaverses might be the ideal platforms for big businesses to showcase their uniqueness, similar to brand outlets in the real world. These platforms can allow users to enjoy the benefits of NFTs that back the brand’s products. The NFT assets may be digital, physical, or phygital (with or without redeemability) in nature. NFT marketplaces of brands can offer exclusive access on various levels for various NFT holders. They shape the reputation of the brand in the Web3 metaverse realm.

Characteristics of NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace Development


The interoperable feature in the NFT allows trading NFT in multiple virtual environments and marketplaces. This allows NFT token holders to take advantage of sophisticated trading capabilities, bidding, bundling, the ability to sell in markets, and application-specific currencies.


The contribution of non-fungible tokens on public blockchains enables developers to build common, reusable, inheritable standards relevant to all non-fungible tokens. These include such basic primitives as ownership, transfer, and simple access control of the item you tokenize. This enables the standardization of your collectibles represented in NFT to display in the marketplace.

Develop Non-Fungible Token Marketplace
NFT Development


Instant tradability of non-fungible tokens will lead to higher liquidity.NFT tokens can be kept as collateral for liquid cash or other forms of cryptocurrencies for instant cash. The huge pool in the market offers immediate liquidity with a huge audience in the marketplace.NFTs have the ability to expand the market for unique digital assets.


Non-Fungible token standards (ERC 721 Token, and ERC 1155 Token) allows interaction with multiple ecosystems. When a new project is launched in NFT it is immediately visible for the wallet providers that enable to trade NFT in the marketplace. These projects can be displayed under a variety of marketplaces that are available. The open standards provide a clear, consistent, reliable, and permissioned API for reading and writing data to attain this possibility.

NFT Development Solutions
NFT Controllability


Of course, like traditional digital assets, NFTs are fully programmable. CryptoKitties (which we’ll talk about later) baked in a breeding mechanic directly into the contract that represents the digital cats. Many of today’s NFTs have more complex mechanics, like forging, crafting, redeeming, random generation, etc. The design space is full of possibilities.


Smart contracts allow developers to place huge capital on the supply of non-fungible tokens and enforce persistent properties that cannot be modified after the issuance of NFTs.A developer can restrict programmatically that only a specific number of a specific rare item can be created. Developers can also enforce that specific property do not change over time by encoding them on-chain. This improves the uniqueness of your creation.

Non Fungible Token Developers

Important Benefits of an NFT Marketplace Platform

  • Security

    The platform is secure so that instances of loss of NFT transactions and double-spending are prevented.

  • Transparency

    Users in the platform can view the history of transactions of every NFT item available in it.

  • Smart Contracts

    Smart contracts in an NFT marketplace help in executing trading operations to eliminate third-party involvement.

  • Decentralization

    An NFT marketplace allows peer-to-peer trading of NFTs, which is beneficial for both the parties.

  • Quick Payments

    NFT marketplace payments are instantaneously made using cryptocurrencies, and credit card details are not required.

How to Create an NFT Marketplace? Easy Steps

Step 1: Plan Your Marketplace : Strategize on realizing your idea of an NFT Marketplace. Carefully analyze every factor involved in creating the platform. Some of them include business, technology, features, target audience, and the solution (White-label or from scratch).

Step 2: Create Model Screens : Now, you can start prototyping the user interface. Here, you can create mock user-end screen and incorporate user experience, and testing it with users. Based on user suggestions, you can update the application.

Step 3: Develop the Platform : Develop the code for the application, where developers should incorporate smart contracts based on your needs, storefront as per your customization, in addition to the basic code required for an NFT marketplace application.

Step 4: Test Multiple Times : Test the application automatically and manually for any errors and resolve them promptly. The agile tactic also features here as it focuses on continuous improvement based on feedback, statistics, and market conditions.

Step 5: Release and Manage the Marketplace : Deploy the application in various forms as per your need and continuously monitor its performance so that features can be added or deleted depending on the various inputs.

Step 6: Update and Maintain the Platform : After running your platform, you have to be vigilant and keep looking for possible upgrades and maintain the application cleanly as there can be a range of factors that may affect its functionality.

Step 7: Cross-chain Solutions : The NFT marketplace development solutions we offer can be developed in multiple blockchain platforms Like Ethereum, Matic, Flow, Rubix for a versatile marketplace like Rarible and opensea.

Our NFT Marketplace Development Offers

NFT for Art

NFT for Music

NFT for Video

NFT for Games

NFT for Sports

NFT for Fantasy sports

NFT for Accessories

NFT for Real estate

NFT for Infrastructure development

NFT for Domain Names

Multiverse NFT Platform Development

Utility NFT Marketplace Development

Features of NFT Marketplace Development


The rankings of the NFTs will be listed with their Volume, average, price, and other top statistics for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on an hourly basis. This enables the token owners to know the demand and position of their tokens in the market.


Our marketplace offers bundled services that enable the users to list their tokens in bundles. A user can bundle upto 30 items which enables them to sell multiple tokens at a time at an efficient gas fee.

Multi-chain NFT Marketplace Development

Multi-chain functionality is when a platform can be supported on multiple blockchain networks. Any crypto application can be made to work on multiple blockchains, and NFT marketplaces are not exceptions.

For a user, multi-chain NFT marketplaces have separate platforms for individual blockchains from the same venture. Different NFTs can be found in the same venture’s NFT marketplace platforms on multiple blockchains. Sellers can also list their NFTs on multi-chain NFT marketplace to reach a wide range of NFT enthusiasts. Such marketplaces have a wider user base and NFTs can easily have a greater reach.

Blockchain App Factory is an industry leader in developing multi-chain NFT marketplace platforms. Our expertise in development across blockchain ensures that integrating multiple blockchains becomes easy. Adding our enhanced design services to it only increases the grandeur of your NFT marketplace.

Our experts take clients’ words as final and work hard until every need is fulfilled. Such an attitude makes it easier for creating customized NFT marketplaces working on multiple blockchains. We are always learning, so expect us to develop your marketplace in even more blockchains. As a surprise, our multi-chain NFT marketplace development services come at economical prices. Talk to us now to know more.


Our NFT marketplace development allows users to create different types of listings: fixed-price listings, Dutch auction listings, and English auction listings. The process is different for each type of listing.

Dutch Auction:

A seller can create a Dutch auction by selecting a starting price, ending price, and auction duration. The seller starts the auction at a level above the expected demand, and the price declines over time.

English Auction:

A seller offers an item for sale at a minimum price and awaits bids. After a duration, the seller accepts the highest bid. It’s the type of auction made popular by eBay. It’s commonly associated with speed-talking, hammer-wielding auctioneers.


NFT Marketplace

Recently Listed

Our marketplace offers details of the recently listed items in our marketplace.

Recently Born

Recently minted items will be displayed in our marketplace

Expiring Soon

The auctions exclusive time limit for an item will be listed

Lowest Price

Least expensive items will be listed in the favor of buyers.

Highest Price

The most expensive items will be displayed here.

Highest Last Sale

Items will be ordered by the price at which they last sold. Items that have sold for lots of ETH will appear first.


The items that were minted earlier will appear first.

Most Viewers

The items that have been visited in large numbers will be displayed.

List of Our NFT Marketplace Development Services

NFT Wallet Development

Built-in crypto wallets support multiple cryptocurrencies and stable coins on the NFT marketplace platform.

Smart Contract Audit

Smart contracts need to be written carefully so that only the intended action is executed.

Whitelabel NFT Solutions

Ready-made NFTs can be useful for new sellers who want to explore the crypto world. These Whitelabel solutions can be useful when they do not own NFTs.

NFT Marketplace Support

Assistance can be provided in case of any unexpected problems with the NFT marketplace platform.

NFT Marketplace Marketing

Promotions for your NFT marketplace platform can be done across various mediums.

Whitelabel NFT Marketplace

Customizable ready-to-launch marketplaces can be created quickly to fit your needs. It is to be noted that only minimal costs are incurred for the service.

Forerunners Of NFT Marketplace

Rarible, OpenSea, Mintable, Sorare, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway,crypto kitties, V.cent, NBA top shots are the few early adopters of the NFT marketplace that find the potential of NFTs and are evolving with the industry.

Opensea is the most common and well-known marketplace that tokenizes a wide range of digital arts and other unique products into NFT.

Rarible is a marketplace that initially concentrated on tokenizing Digital arts and painting to NFTs and became an open marketplace that features tokenization of other collectibles like accessories and collectible into NFTs

Sorare is a specialized NFT marketplace for fantasy sports that provides players or the team to participate in fantasy leagues like dream11.

NBA Topshots is the most successful project of Dapper Labs, this marketplace facilitates the tokenization of exclusive video clips and players cards, and other memorabilia of NBA which is legally approved by NBA.

V.cent has set a new trend in the NFT marketplace with its idea of converting tweets into NFT and also sold it for the highest bid of $2.5 million.

Cryptokitties is a blockchain-based game developed under ethereum that allows the players to purchase, collect, breed, and sell virtual cats as NFTs.

Our blockchain expert tailors your marketplace with features of top marketplaces with new innovations in the different blockchain to incorporate its features for an optimal NFT marketplace.

Our Top Selling NFT Marketplace Development Services

Phygital NFT Marketplace Development

Phygital NFTs are an emerging trend in Web3 that better combines both real and virtual worlds. They help businesses in providing authentic products and experiences for their customers by enabling simultaneous ownership of both physical and digital assets. Here, people can get both the physical asset and the digital token once they buy the phygital NFT asset.

Phygital NFT marketplace development has become important in today’s context since it gives relevance to Web3 in the real world. The platform looks similar to an NFT marketplace but sells physical products backed by NFTs. Typically, these platforms are run by brands striving to offer top-class experiences to their user base.

Influencer NFT Marketplace Development

The role of influencers in the NFT marketplace is very important. They have a solid impact in the NFT market by bringing excellent NFT products and services to different sets of people. The Major pioneers of the crypto industries once managed to get the attention of the influencers. Influencers marketing is one of the best marketing strategies in the NFT marketing services.

An exclusive NFT marketplace for the influencer is sprouted from the brainchild of bringing all influencers together in one place. NFT marketplace for influencers will have a high possibility of making a huge impression in the market as they have the ability to reach a higher rate of people. NFT marketplace for influencers is the best unique model for making a major change in the NFT market

How to create an NFT Marketplace for Influencers

Utility-Based NFT Marketplace Development

Considering the colossal adoption of NFTs, we wish to leverage the space by matching these NFTs with a real-world application. Yes, you have heard it right. Utilities are what we believe. This extended use-case of NFTs enables the community to collaborate with multifarious decentralized applications and blockchain projects to establish a brand-new ecosystem.By attaching the utilities with the NFTs, we take it to the most sophisticated form where it can be used to unveil things or gain perks or connect content across the dApps. Here, a utility is a one-of-a-kind content that can be a unique item, character, voucher, discount, or any form that will allow the owner of the NFTs to use it in the physical world by redeeming the NFTs.Vibe with the trend! Utility-based NFT marketplace is indeed the best business model.

Multiverse - Real Bridge to Commercials

Multiverse is like a huge progressive change in the crypto era, where they can literally break the barrier in the world about the perspective towards the Crypto space. The Multiverse is all about establishing a connection between the real world and the virtual world or in other words they are establishing a bridge between two different verses.

To say in precise, A metaverse gaming platform can be linked with the toy shops in the real world, and when the gamer attains a certain level to acquire some assets which can be claimed from the real world toy shop. The Multiverse will really be the game-changer in the crypto market, and it can also increase the trading volume to a significant level.

How to Build an NFT Marketplace for Multiverse

Our Blockchain Tech Expertise

Watch Our NFT Marketplace Demo

NFT Development Company

Why Choose Blockchain app factory

Blockchain App factory has been serving phenomenal solutions for the business development in blockchain for the past 4 years. Our profound legacy enables us to offer exceptional NFT marketplace development services with advanced security protocols. Our range of services in blockchain acquires interest from multi-level customers globally.


We offer military-grade security for your development platform.


our development service offers 24/7support to manage uninterrupted services.


Each process in the development lifecycle will be clear and transparent.

User Interface

Our proficient team analyses your requirements and designs an interactive UI for a better user experience.


The project will be planned by our as per your requirement specification. We offer a customization service that can be tailored to the users’ requirements.


we offer API and external wallet integration facilities to provide the best user experience for customers.

Cross platforms

The NFT marketplace development solutions we offer can be developed in multiple blockchain platforms Like Ethereum, Matic, Flow, Rubix for a versatile marketplace like Rarible and opensea.

Our NFT Marketplace Development Expertise

NFT Marketplace Platform Development

Blockchain App Factory endeavors to build an NFT marketplace with high-end features, sophisticated functionalities, and an enhanced user interface to make you stand out unique. The most exciting thing is that the marketplace can be customized to meet your business requirements and offers a seamless NFT trading experience overall.

Our product development team has gained mastery in developing a reliable NFT platform consistently with high efficiency and precision. Our NFT development company appoints individual product managers to each of our client’s NFT projects and ensures to provide complete guidance and support in the development stage.

We have dedicated ourselves to deploy the perfect NFT platform for our clients and assist them in increasing the market visibility of their NFT projects by providing high-quality post-marketing services. The foremost priority of our NFT development company is to make our clients the frontrunner in the NFT sector.

Be an early adopter of the NFT Marketplace to compete in the virtual space

NFT Platform Package

NFT development cost estimation with a wide range of futuristic upgrades.

Development Services Basic Advanced Multichain NFT Platform Premium Multichain NFT Platform
NFT Token Development (ERC721 & 1155)
Collectibles(Art, Music, Video)
Admin Portal
Ethereum/ BSC/ Polygon Any one Any Two Multi-chain - Support
Wallet Integration Metamask Trust wallet, fortmatic wallet, myether wallet- anyone Metamask and Wallet Connect
Decentralized Centralized or Decentralized
Bids open Auction & Instant Buy Different Types of Auction
Multi-language Only one Upto 5 languages
Marketing Services

Add ons- (Any Two)

  • Lazy Minting
  • Drop
    • Timed Auction
    • Reserved Features
    • First Come First Serve
  • Fiat Integration (Only one)
  • Own Token Development with Integration
  • Split Royalty
  • NFT Packs
  • Import NFT’s
Any Two
  • Physical product delivery API
  • NFT Staking


Ethereum network is one of the compatible blockchain in the digital space. It is one of the most stable blockchains that is primarily used by a wide range of developers in the process of developing various decentralized applications. This blockchain is a very popular second-generation platform that was created to provide the best possible output to the applications that are built on the decentralized ecosystem. Using Ethereum imposes the strength of any NFT marketplace. Ethereum stands out with enormous experience and expertise in the digital space as always. The NFT Marketplace development on the Ethereum blockchain is a perfect way to kick start a business venture in the Non Fungible Token domain exponentially.
Polygon is the latest entrant to the crypto space. This blockchain is a layer 2 protocol of the Ethereum network. Polygon is created to overcome all the challenges faced by the Ethereum blockchain. It is a blockchain that is trusted widely by a wide range of business and development sectors in the digital space. This blockchain has the ability to utilize the benefits of its intrinsic blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain as well. Thus, making it a perfect platform for developing NFT marketplaces in the crypto ecosystem. At present, highly scalable networks are required for the NFT marketplace development and Polygon is the perfect fit for this criteria because of its potential to process the functionalities of Ethereum at a high level by minimizing the intrinsic complications.
Binance Smart Chain(BSC) platform is the latest entrant into the blockchain domain. This blockchain is a high processing network that functions along with the Binance chain network. This network furnishes decentralized applications with two primary features; the BSC’s ability to process smart contracts and the BC’s ability to initiate low transaction fees. This blockchain is built on a dual architecture chain. Thus, they are the best fit for launching NFT marketplaces. It is regarded as one of the best in the game because of its wide range of features like the EVM support, proof of stake mechanism and to name a few. Taking advantage of these features will ensure the launch of a highly efficient NFT marketplace that is deemed to be one of the best in the Crypto market.
Solana blockchain is a very interesting network. This blockchain is constructed to develop decentralized and scalable applications. When compared to other blockchain networks in the digital space, the Solana blockchain is regarded as one of the fastest blockchains in the digital space. The speed of the Solana blockchain is based on the processing of the number of transactions in the platform and it also has lower transaction costs significantly when compared to other blockchain networks. By taking these impressive features into account, Solana is an impressive fit to make your own NFT marketplace. It satisfies the blockchain conditions for the NFT marketplace development.
Harmony is one of the latest induction into the blockchain family. This blockchain is a decentralized platform that is constructed to be a pathway between scalability and decentralization protocols. This is an excellent blockchain for creating NFT marketplaces. This network primarily focuses on data sharing and using them to create top-tier NFT marketplaces. The high throughput of the Harmony platform is supported by low latency and fees. Harmony blockchain is built on a consensus mechanism that concentrates on increasing the speed while having the energy consumption at an optimal level. With the combination of these features, it is deemed to be a perfect platform for creating NFT marketplace platforms in the digital space for a wide range of business platforms.
Avalanche is a unique blockchain network that is a smart contract-based blockchain platform. This network is primarily focused on high transaction speed, low transaction costs, and eco-friendly. The main priority of this blockchain is to deliver complete decentralization and scalability to the decentralized application. The special feature of this platform is that it is built of three blockchain networks instead of one. The reason for this unique construction is to enable activities on a broader scale in the digital ecosystem. Thus, it is a very interesting blockchain that is used for the NFT marketplace development. Thus, it is a perfect platform for business in the digital space.
Yes, anyone can create his own NFT Marketplace.
  • 1. Blockchain App Factory will provide you with teams that excel at delivering a robust, highly secured NFT marketplace development.
  • 2. Our perfection In conjuring a multi-chain cross-platform will enable you to operate your NFT marketplace platform across other chain dimensions.
  • 1. NFT marketplaces are the decentralization platform acting as an online web store running on a blockchain platform like ethereum, used for storing and selling the non-fungible token.
  • 2. NFTs are offered at fixed prices or through bids in auctions. All the marketplaces out there require crypto wallets connected to platforms to carry out transactions.
NFT Marketplace development offers the following benefits:
  • 1. Users visiting the platform act as pre-defined audiences for the NFTs.
  • 2. Marketplace promotes NFT by having more pairs of eyes as an opportunity to get selected.
  • 3. Integrating multi-chain into the market platform can significantly increase NFT trading as they attract users from other chains as well.
  • 4. The marketplace offers you the option to mint your NFT as well as import them directly from your wallet.
  • 5. The marketplace is also a mode of authentication and verification of NFT as you can trace back the seller's identity through the platform.
  • 6. NFT marketplaces have specifically designed smart contracts which are responsible for trusting the trustless system. They act as an intermediary in transactions and hold the buyer's cryptocurrency until the transaction is complete. After receiving the acknowledgment from the buyer's wallet, payment is released.
  • 7. No fraud transaction as the same smart contract will also monitor that currency is securely and surely deposited in the wallet.
  • 1. To deploy your first NFT marketplace, you have to have a clear vision about the genre of your marketplace, your role as an administrator, Whitepaper, and a roadmap for your project.
  • 2. Secondly, choose the best service provider for your platform deployment like Blockchain App Factory and lastly, fundraising and token sale before the deployment.
  • 1.The cost of building an NFT marketplace varies depending on the geographical location, a blockchain platform, gas fee, DEX, features of your NFT marketplace, and manpower.
  • 2. Another half of the budget consists of hours put in by teams to accomplish the project
An increasing boom in the blockchain universe carries a wave of NFT, blending in every aspect of life. There are so many different types of NFT platforms like:
NFT Lending Platform
  • 1.These are the platforms designed explicitly for decentralized finance to lend your digital asset and cryptocurrency to earn interest and streamline a passive way of income.
  • 2. These NFT platforms are meant to lend or borrow money by collateralizing your crypto asset.
NFT Auction
  • 1. These platforms are designed as an auction house where artists showcase their crafts, such as music pieces, painting, pictures, digital algorithmic generated art, and bidders start the bidding war to buy it.
  • 2. Collectors can sell as well as purchase directly at a predefined price.
NFT Listing
  • 1. Listing is a name given to the process of minting and uploading your NFT on a marketplace platform to showcase your NFT for trading purposes.
  • 2. Listing can be done on any NFT marketplace available on the blockchain network.
NFT Launchpad
  • 1. Launchpads are the platform specifically designed for the introduction of new products integrated with the latest fundraising models.
  • 2. NFT launchpads are laced with platform users to gain traction, Increase revenue, and secure a benchmark in the NFT Universe.
NFT can be listed in the marketplace for the interest of the audience. The audience may bid for the NFTs, the value of NFT depends on the audience interest and scarcity.
Finding the right audience and right developers enables you to launch your own NFT marketplace. Blockchain App Factory, the pioneers in blockchain technology offers innovative solutions to launch your NFT marketplace.

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